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    Livingstone Charitable Trust is a Home for the Old and Young, focused on giving solace with care and respect for people of all ages, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

    Old age is inevitable and we believe it is the most critical stage a person goes through physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and economically. We strive to treat our Elders with love and respect and not as a burden but with the dignity they deserve.

    The Young need all the love and care they deserve; we hope to fill that gap in their lives



    Mrs Prema Swamy was born in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She studied in a convent school and raised in a Christian missionary boarding school for the needy by European sisters. As was customary in those days, she was married off at an early age to a family in Vizag Andhra Pradesh. But coming from a nuclear family and being brought up in a convent, the transition into being a married woman with a new family in a new place was very difficult.
    She was ill prepared to face and manage a first generation joint family of sixteen members. Gradually she became overwhelmed with her inability to provide the care she always dreamt of for her own family but it took nearly six years for her to muster the courage to put her foot down and create an ultimatum to her husband to either step out alone as a family or face with the prospect of being alone. Eventually, her husband choose the former.
    The new found freedom and time in her hand gave her the opportunity to practice what she had learnt in convent about social service by joining women’s clubs and actively took part in social work and at one point even served as the secretary for the Lion’s Club in Vizag.
    It is during this time that providence played a role in further extending her belief in social work by the visit of Mother Teresa. Mrs Prema had the blessing to be with and assist the Mother the whole day through.
    While gaining recognition amongst her peers in her social work, she was increasingly ostracised by her own family, her husband, her children and her in-laws at large and when her husband passed away she had no recourse but to leave to her hometown back to her widowed mother and brother in Coimbatore.
    Slowly realizing that she is becoming a dependent which was killing her sense of self, she decided to hunt for independence by coming to Madras and worked as a nurse aid at Devaki Hospital. It was here that she learnt about the prospects for child care in the middle-east which led her to work in Buraidha for three years where she also learnt and worked as an Assistant Dietician .
    The small economic leverage she gained gave her the time to engage in social service once again. Along with her church friends she volunteered at old-age homes and orphanages during eye-camps, dental-camps, arranging free meals from well-wishers and also visiting patients in government hospital providing prayers and counselling support.
    It is during this time that she decided she should start a home by herself where she can live and take care of the needy and homeless people by providing personal care and a comfortable life. So at the age of 60, she started Livingstone Charitable Trust as a model of living independently.
    Now with a lot of hard work and immense struggle and dedication Mrs.Prema has been able to successfully operate for the past nine years a shelter and counselling support for the homeless and destitute at the LIVINGSTONE HOME FOR THE ELDERLY.

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    You can support us in the following ways:

    Sponsoring meals on memorable occasions like your birthday, wedding anniversary or festivals.

    Sponsoring an elderly per month

    Sponsoring provisions

    Donating clothes or household articles.

    Locate or Provide 5 bedroom house at nominal rent.

    Volunteer for admin works, visiting the elderly for emotional and spiritual support and assist in health care and hospital visits.

    Monthly / Yearly pledge of any amount of your choice

    (Tax exemption under 80G is in process)


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